Asuma Banda warns of collapse of local airlines if…
Posted on: 2011-Jun-13        Joy fm
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The Chairman of the Antrak Group of Companies, Alhaji Asuma Banda has sharply criticized what he describes as the over-liberalization of the aviation industry to the disadvantage of indigenous operators.

He says the policy has allowed some foreign firms to adopt unfair tactics to deny local operators such as Antrak Air, service contracts.

Alhaji Banda told Joy Business at the commissioning of a new 18-seater aircraft for the company that, indigenous operators will be forced out of business if government fails to intervene.

He said the oil companies were deliberating putting impediments on the way of local operators by constantly raising the bar on standards.

“The South Africans have dominated all the oil industry, there is a big company in South Africa moving here and we are all there. If you go to an oil company and say you want to provide them a service, they will say ok, ‘we want to audit you’ and then they go and bring the South Africans who are doing the business to come and audit us. They will obviously fail you; no Ghanaian has ever passed,” he stated.

Alhaji Asuma Banda said he had been chasing the oil companies for two years now and was consistently given excuses.

“They won’t say you have failed, they will say oh ‘you are very good but if you can improve this sector, this particular area we will come for next six months.’ You do that one, you come there they will show you another area so you will never pass,” he stated.

The business magnate said the government of Ghana must learn from the Nigerian experience where the entire oil service sector has been taken over by foreign companies leaving the indigenes poor.

He said that mistake must not be repeated in Ghana.

But the Director-General of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, Air Commodore Kwame Mamphey disagrees.

He maintains local firms can compete effectively if they step up their game.

The mining firms and especially the oil firms rely heavily on the aviation industry for the transportation of personnel and logistics for their operations.