Jul-23:   National carrier: We will be ‘third time lucky’- Dzifa Ativor
  Jul-20:   Lufthansa offers 48-hour special to customers
  Jul-13:   Ghana to woo more airlines
  Jul-09:   Tax GH¢10 for use of airport trolleys-Gaisie
  Jul-05:   Royal Jordanian to connect Ghana and Jordan
  Mar-04:   Gambia Bird offers free tickets to Bamako
  Jun-12:   Ghana striving to regain FAA Category 1 status
  Apr-11:   Iberia begins Accra-Madrid flights in July
  Mar-14:   Security men at Kotoka International Airport go on brief strike
  Aug-24:   More airlines get licenses
  Jun-28:   Four more airlines licensed to operate in Ghana
  Jun-13:   Asuma Banda warns of collapse of local airlines if…
  Jun-01:   Railways to be made viable travelling option for Ghanaians- Veep
  May-27:   Portuguese national airline to begin scheduled flights to Accra
  Mar-08:   New internal carrier to commence operations from July
  Mar-04:   Ceiling of KIA Departure hall collapses
  Mar-03:   Attivor calls for fair air transport negotiations
  Nov-12:   New national carrier to begin operations March 2011
  Nov-11:   Czech Republic to support Ghana with urban rail transport
  Oct-15:   Gov’t says it will routinely maintain new rail system
  Oct-14:   New train coaches tested
  Oct-12:   Ghana’s aviation industry attracts more airlines
  Oct-05:   Virgin Atlantic increases flights to Ghana for Winter 2010
  Oct-05:   Transport Ministry downplays accident at the Kotoka Airport
  Oct-04:   GCAA Boss worried over blacklisting of African airlines
  Jul-15:   Turkish Airlines begin scheduled flights to Ghana
  Jun-07:   Airlines struggle to fly to US
  May-25:   Virgin Atlantic launches inaugural flight to Ghana
  May-21:   Government to airlift stranded GIA passengers
  May-19:   New airline to commence flights from Accra
  May-10:   Government unaware of insurance premiums fixing
  May-02:   GIA passengers stranded
  Apr-27:   GIA passenger dies on arrival
  Apr-19:   Citylink slashes ticket prices by 10%
  Apr-16:   GIA joins flight cancellations over volcanic ash scare
  Apr-16:   GIA joins flight cancellations over volcanic ash scare
  Apr-15:   KLM cancels scheduled flights from Accra to Amsterdam
  Apr-13:   Delta Airlines to fly direct from Accra to Atlanta
  Mar-26:   United Airlines soon to start flying to Ghana
  Mar-26:   Air Shuttle to launch regular charter service to Kumasi
  Feb-16:   Agency deplores treatment to visa applicants
  Feb-07:   Emergency landing plane arrives in London
  Feb-01:   Nation’s aviation status restored
  Jan-23:   Ghana asks airlines to refuel outside borders
  Dec-30:   Ghana tightens airport security
  Dec-09:   Air transport is the safest-Attivor
  Dec-08:   KIA upgrades as Ghana's airspace assumes international appeal
  Dec-04:   Air transport in Africa facing challenges